21 Jun, 2016

Insights from Judging a Writing Contest

June 21st, 2016|Tags: , |

Hemingway Birthplace Home, Oak Park, IL I just wrapped up serving as one of the judges in the Hemingway Shorts contest sponsored by the Hemingway Foundation of Oak [...]

11 Jul, 2013

A Lesson in Submitting

July 11th, 2013|Tags: , |

...or: How I got published in the Wall Street Journal. I'm a guest at my friend Nancy Kopp's blog today, so please head on over to discover her blog and [...]

6 May, 2013

Patience, A Writer Must Have

May 6th, 2013|Tags: , , |

Patience, the trees seem to say, we're not ready to be green yet. My kids have been into Yoda lately, thus my inverted title, but I really feel that Yoda's [...]

1 Apr, 2013

The Many Lives of a Story

April 1st, 2013|Tags: , |

Today I bring you what I think is a most inspiring post: My longtime student Diane Hurles has shared here before how she managed to find her voice as a memoir [...]

26 Feb, 2013

Some End-of-the-Month Submission Opportunities

February 26th, 2013|Tags: , |

I haven't written much about submitting work to literary magazines lately, mainly because I've been slacking off in that department. But yesterday I got back in submissions mode and came [...]

13 Feb, 2013

That Satisfying Plop of the Mail Box

February 13th, 2013|Tags: , |

Today I mailed off two photos to the Starved Rock Photo Contest. Sounds straightforward, but it was quite a production. First, photos could not be submitted electronically. Rather, you had [...]

15 Oct, 2012

How to Submit your Writing to Literary Magazines

October 15th, 2012|Tags: , |

Every so often, when my students' work reaches the stage where workshop participants say, "You should send this out," the initial joy turns into bafflement: How do I actually do [...]

11 Jun, 2012

Literary Magazine Layout

June 11th, 2012|Tags: , , , , |

The past few days I've become obsessed with creating a book in blurb, as I am handling the layout of the literary magazine my son's school is publishing. It's been [...]

29 Oct, 2011

Blog Mash Up: Submission Opportunities, Interesting Insights and Memoirs

October 29th, 2011|Tags: , |

Tracks in the snow on our cabin's deck this morning... While I've been trying not to freeze (see photo) at the writers conference I'm attending in northern Virginia where it [...]

6 Oct, 2011

Write Your Story and Publish It: One of my Students Shares her Journey

October 6th, 2011|Tags: , , |

A story might catch you unaware but if you stick with it, it might lead somewhere! Congratulations to my longtime student Diane Hurles who stuck with her story through many rewrites [...]

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