6 Dec, 2019

My New Book is Published! How to Write Compelling Stories from Family History is LIVE! And the Kindle edition is FREE today!

December 6th, 2019|Tags: |

I am happy to announce that the ebook as well as the paperback versions of How to Write Compelling Stories from Family History are published and LIVE (as they call [...]

1 Nov, 2019

Who Names Her Publishing Company After Her Mother-in-Law?

November 1st, 2019|Tags: |

My husband and I with our first two kids and my in-laws (Nana is on the left), April 1999 Seminal moment for me today: I filed a Doing Business As [...]

1 Mar, 2019

The Story Behind the Story: How to Finally Get an Essay Published

March 1st, 2019|Tags: , |

Parc Montsouris, Paris, September 2017 I have a new essay published in Bella Grace Issue 19, which hits newsstands today! I can't even begin to tell you how [...]

30 Nov, 2018

Are You Creating Assets?

November 30th, 2018|Tags: , , |

Once in a while, one of Seth Godin's daily missives sticks in my mind, such as his idea of focusing on creating assets. That's how I understood his post The Daily. [...]

5 Apr, 2018

6 Things that Will Surprise You about Publishing a Book

April 5th, 2018|Tags: , |

Karlsruhe, Germany - Photo by Barbara Jester Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of my book's publication--the perfect time to share a few things that surprised me about publishing [...]

10 May, 2017

The Flying Dutchman Comes Home

May 10th, 2017|Tags: , , |

Train station in Liberec (formerly Reichenberg) - the train in "The Flying Dutchman" left from here I owe the metaphor of the Flying Dutchman, title of one of the pivotal [...]

1 Nov, 2016

My Artful Blogging Story

November 1st, 2016|Tags: , , , |

Scottish Highlands, August 2015 Today the winter issue of Artful Blogging hits newsstands, and it features my photo essay "The Accidental Travel Blogger." This is a dream come true for [...]

21 Jun, 2016

Insights from Judging a Writing Contest

June 21st, 2016|Tags: , |

Hemingway Birthplace Home, Oak Park, IL I just wrapped up serving as one of the judges in the Hemingway Shorts contest sponsored by the Hemingway Foundation of Oak [...]

1 Jun, 2015

My Recipe for a Perfect Porch Day in Bella Grace Magazine

June 1st, 2015|Tags: , , |

You might remember my blog post from last summer, Recipe for a Perfect Day on the Porch. Well, I'm happy to announce that it made it into the summer issue [...]

1 Dec, 2014

My Photo Essay in Bella Grace Magazine

December 1st, 2014|Tags: , , |

  My photo essay "Capture Magic that Hangs by a Gossamer Thread" appears in the winter 2015 issue of Bella Grace magazine, on sale as of today, December 1. Last [...]

11 Jun, 2014

Unveiling: The Chicago List Essay Project

June 11th, 2014|Tags: , , , , |

Our Chicago - Eleven Writers on their City - Edited by Annette Gendler | Make Your Own Book I published a book with my students! Our Chicago is a collection of [...]

29 Oct, 2012

Would you still write if you knew you’d never get published?

October 29th, 2012|Tags: , |

A good friend of mine, also a writer, challenged me with that very question a while ago. She had had an agent for one of her novels, but the project [...]

19 Oct, 2012

Author Q&A: Wenguang Huang

October 19th, 2012|Tags: , , , |

I wonder what it means if I don't even notice anymore that my writing has gotten published? Have I reached a level of publication success where I can go, "Oh [...]

15 Oct, 2012

How to Submit your Writing to Literary Magazines

October 15th, 2012|Tags: , |

Every so often, when my students' work reaches the stage where workshop participants say, "You should send this out," the initial joy turns into bafflement: How do I actually do [...]

11 Jun, 2012

Literary Magazine Layout

June 11th, 2012|Tags: , , , , |

The past few days I've become obsessed with creating a book in blurb, as I am handling the layout of the literary magazine my son's school is publishing. It's been [...]

6 Oct, 2011

Write Your Story and Publish It: One of my Students Shares her Journey

October 6th, 2011|Tags: , , |

A story might catch you unaware but if you stick with it, it might lead somewhere! Congratulations to my longtime student Diane Hurles who stuck with her story through many rewrites [...]

16 Jun, 2011

Third Rule for Literary Magazine Submissions: Don’t Give Up

June 16th, 2011|Tags: , |

...or as the director of my MFA program at Queens University of Charlotte, Fred Leebron, likes to say: “Writing is a game of attrition. Don’t attrish.” This means don’t give [...]

9 Jun, 2011

Best Online Literary Magazines for Nonfiction

June 9th, 2011|Tags: , , |

My listings of the best literary magazines for nonfiction as well as the second and third best focused on print magazines. Of course some of these also publish content online but [...]

7 Jun, 2011

Withdrawing a Manuscript Submission

June 7th, 2011|Tags: , |

The next best thing after having a manuscript accepted for publication is withdrawing it from other magazines you’ve submitted it to. I’ve been doing that today and I must say [...]

27 May, 2011

First Rule for Literary Magazine Submissions: Develop a System

May 27th, 2011|Tags: , |

As an aspiring literary writer, you sooner or later need to submit your writing to literary magazines if you want to get published. Having a system helps:1.       Develop two lists: [...]

3 Mar, 2011

The Journey to Publishing

March 3rd, 2011|Tags: , |

Listen in – the journey to publishing can take many roads: This recording captures an interesting discussion about the publishing experience that I was part of at an author’s roundtable last [...]

27 Jan, 2011

Stories that Keep on Giving

January 27th, 2011|Tags: , |

Once a story has been published, you know it’s good. That’s not to say a story that hasn’t been published isn’t good, but at least you’re over the hump of [...]

6 Jan, 2011

Two Acceptances in One Day

January 6th, 2011|Tags: , |

How likely are you to receive two acceptances for publication in one day? Highly unlikely, I should say, until the very thing happened yesterday. I checked one email account to find [...]

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