23 Nov, 2016

A Writing Exercise to Spark Real Thanksgiving Conversations

November 23rd, 2016|Tags: , |

One of my longtime memoir workshop students, David Thoele, MD, is a pediatric cardiologist, but he also serves as the Director of Narrative Medicine at Advocate Children's Hospital because he [...]

5 May, 2016

Writing Exericse: A Startling Sound

May 5th, 2016|Tags: , , , , |

Have you ever been startled by a sound you had never heard before? Stopped in your tracks, wondering what the hell was going on? Felice Benuzzi's unique adventure memoir No [...]

2 Mar, 2016

A Navy Blue Sigh

March 2nd, 2016|Tags: , , , |

"Eventually, I hear footsteps crunching along the side of the house through the glazed snow and my mother's navy blue sigh through the frozen air." from The Language of Baklava [...]

25 Nov, 2015

The Smells of Fall

November 25th, 2015|Tags: , , |

There's no denying that we are at the tail end of fall here in the Midwest--the temperature dips below the freezing at night, the trees are almost bare, and the [...]

10 Jan, 2014

The Sounds of Winter

January 10th, 2014|Tags: , , |

Chicago winter - late afternoon yesterday outside my building We've emerged from subzero temperatures here in Chicago, but as winter has gripped the outside with ample snow, treacherous streets and salty [...]

17 May, 2012

Writing Exercise: Color List – Beige

May 17th, 2012|Tags: , |

I haven't done the color list exercise in a while, mainly because I thought I had covered all the main colors already. For the uninitiated, the idea of the color [...]

12 Mar, 2012

Writing Exercise: Color List – Black

March 12th, 2012|Tags: , |

The month of March has crept up without me presenting a color list exercise yet, but here we go. I have one more color left, I think, and that's an [...]

7 Feb, 2012

Writing Exercise: Color List – Purple

February 7th, 2012|Tags: , |

Since we already did red, which would also have been appropriate for February, the month of Valentine's Day, the color for this month is purple. At least there is some red [...]

18 Jan, 2012

Green Eggs & Ham: A Story with 50 Words

January 18th, 2012|Tags: , , , |

These days, in the age of soundbites, we challenge ourselves to tell stories in no more than 140 characters (on Twitter), or no more than six words (see the Six [...]

9 Jan, 2012

Writing Exercise: Color List – White

January 9th, 2012|Tags: , |

Dusty Miller at the Lincoln Park Conservatory Even though there still is no snow outside here in Chicago, the color for this month is going to be white, perhaps because [...]

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